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Long Beach Professional Property Management We bring Results!

Since 1977 our motto has been:
We back our belief that we can bring you the results you want with a 30 day contract cancellation policy. If we can't improve your situation, take your property back at any time.

Too many Vacancies?

Even one vacancy is too many. The Supervisor assigned to your property takes it as a personal obligation to fill every vacancy with a good tenant as quickly as possible. 

As a Property Management company, we receive hundreds of inquires from prospective tentants each month looking to rent our vacancies. Your Supervisor always has a large selection of qualified tenants to choose from.  

Too many Deliquencies?

Unless you instruct us to the contrary, we spare no effort in making sure that all rents are collected and banked in your separate Trust Account by the 5th of each month. Delinquencies are handled in the way that is most effective for your benefit.

Operating Expenses too High?

We help control your expenses in two ways:

1.   We have an ongoing preventative maintenance program to tackle problems while they're small.

2.   All maintenance items are "subbed-out"; we have NO maintenance people on our payroll, so you are not burdened with "make work" projects. All work is authorized by a written Purchase Order and not paid until inspected by us.

Too much Turnover?

We believe your greatest asset is a long-term, prompt paying tenant. We will do everything in our power to keep a good tenant happy and in place.

 Concerned about the safety of your money?

We handle millions of dollars for hundreds of Owners. As required by California Law, every cent of this money is banked immediately in a separate Trust Account we mainain for you in an FDIC insured Bank. These funds are not available to anyone except you or your designate.

Like to see a sample of our reports?

When Berro handles your property, you will regularly receive the following:

  • A monthly Cash Flow Statement no later than the 15th of the following month, with backup schedules.
  • A Field Supervisor's written report after a visit to your property - usually once a month.
  • A year-end Cash Flow Statement complete with Back-ups no later than January 25th, annually.

Contact us to see our report samples.

Tired of leaving unreturned messages?

Our protocol requires that

  • All phone calls be returned wiithin 24 business hours. 
  • All voice mail messages be returned withing 24 business hours. 
  • All fax messages be replied to within two business days.
  • All e-mail traffic will get a response within two business days.
Our phone number is: (562) 432-3444 (24 hour live)
Our fax number is: (562) 495-1959
Our e-mail address is:
Our website is:


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